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Connecting your building starts here.

Designed specifically for HVAC Installers and Building Owners who want to get the 'hearts' of their building securely connected to the internet, the Yobiiq Connect solutions enable you to connect within a few minutes. 

Our solutions are developed with you in mind, we deliver a turn key solution to get your Building Controllers connected based on the secure and easy to use Secomea or Hooc Remote Access products. We have been connecting Building Controllers of the most common brands securely to the internet for a few years, and have guided our partners throughout the process. Using our Solutions you are able to get an overview of all your Buildings, their Building Controllers and connect to them all from within one interface, using a few mouse clicks.

By connecting your Buildings using the Yobiiq Connect solutions you can login to your Building from any location and device, no more late night trips to remote locations costing valuable time and money.

Having a secured connection for Building Management Systems is no longer a luxury, it's a must your Building Management System is at risk of unwanted security breaches by hackers who are keen on cracking internet exposed webpages just for fun.

For a long time people neglected the impact of a security breach into a Building Management System, but you should always keep in mind that this system holds a big amount of data that can be very usefull for the wrong kind of people.
By extracting the temperatures from a Building Management System, hackers can find out the occupation times of a building for example, or let's say a hacker simply deletes all your climate settings it would mean a small inconvenience for the occupants of your building and in the best case scenario you have a backup of your settings but still it will cost some time to get everything back the way it was.
It's better to be safe then sorry and protected your Building Management System against cyberattacks, get in touch with us today to discuss the possibilities!