EM4301 CT - Three phase electricity meter

The EM4301 CT is a active energy meter developed by Yobiiq, capable of measuring multi-tariff (2 tariffs) energy consumption in three phase AC systems.
A LoRaWAN radio module is installed within the meter, accumulating and transmitting information about the readings to a LoRaWAN® network.
Our certified LoRaWAN device operates on the European band (868MHz) as a Class C device.

Next to the LoRaWAN module, the EM4301 CT also has a Modbus RTU communication interface as well as a pulse output.

Measuring through current transformers to allow measurement of high current users, the meter is equiped with the possibility to reverse the direction of the Current Transformer in case of wrong installation.
The EM4301 CT is certified according to IEC 62053, EN61010 (Low Voltage Directive - LVD) and EN61326 (EMC).


 LoRaWAN 1.0.4 compatible Class C device
 External Auxiliary power supply 
 Frequency plan EU868
 Internal datalogger with synchronized timestamp
 Failed packages can be acquired from the internal datalogger
 Datalogger interval can be adjusted from 1 minute to 999 hours
 Uplink interval can be adjusted from 1 minute to 999 hours
 Adaptive Data Rate (ADR) supported
 Confirmed uplinks (configurable)

 Configuration of 10 different uplink ports with configurable interval and measurement parameters.
 OTAA Activation
 Two-way transmission
 Internal time synchronization over LoRaWAN
 Internal datalogger stores time-synchronized data.
 Payload decoders available, fully tested on Things Network and Chirpstack but is compatible with all LoRaWAN compliant network servers.

 Timesynced datalogging.

The internal datalogger of the EM4301 CT is designed to store measurements on interval times, counted from a full hour.
The internal time is synchronized at least every 24 hours to ensure maximum consistency of measurement data.
If you set the datalogger to store with intervals of 15 minutes, it will save the data on the exact interval time (xx:00 / xx:15 / xx:30 / xx:45) the timestamp of the datalogger entry is in each uplink packet along with the current internal device time.

Designed with functionality in mind.

The EM series has been designed and developed with functionality in mind.

  •  Touchkey design
  •  Password protected settings and configuration
  •  Provide total harmonic content analysis data of voltage and current
  •  Supports two-way energy metering
  • Supports two rate switching signals
  •  Supports 1 passive pulse ouput and Modbus RTU
  • Measured Parameters

  • Phase Current 
  • Phase to Phase Voltage
  • Phase to Neutral Voltage
  • Frequency 45 to 65Hz
  • Active power Total and per phase
  • Reactive power Total and per phase
  • Apparent power Total and per phase
  • Power factor Total and per phase
  • Apparent Energy
  • Per phase energy

  • Active energy (import, export and combined)
  • Reactive energy (import, export and combined)
  • Multi-Tariff active energy (T1 - T4) (import, export and combined)

  • Max. Demand of current Per phase
  • Max. Demand of active power Total
  • Max. Demand of reactive power Total
  • Max. Demand of apparent power Total