The ultimate holiday feeling for your guests.

Guests come to you to get away from the normal day to day routine, and you put every effort into making sure you succeed in that.

Wouldn't it be nice if you would get an alert of a low temperature before a guest complains? or have a technician on it's way to a camp area to restore a tripped electricity breaker before a guest complains?

Our solutions are aimed on helping you achieve a high rating from your guests.

Efficiency at it's base

Efficient cleaning, keyless entry and integrations

Getting notifications about environmentals is one thing, but what if you could also improve the efficiency within your recreation park?

Below are some of the solutions we offer for Smart Recreation.

Detect and count occupancy

Plan the cleaning and replenishment of your Public restrooms based on occupancy and soap levels.

Water the plants

Irrigate your fields and plants when the soil needs it.

Open the doors

Allow your guests to open the door to their home away from home with their smartphone.

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