Make smarter business decisions with data analysis

Yobiiq provides solutions based on the needs of customers, from overall complete concepts to delivery of products and services.

Our products and services enable you to get valuable insights into all of your buildings from a single online infrastructure. Allowing you to understand how your buildings are being used, and make them more efficient.

We collaborate with leading manufacturers and providers, and if needed we develop our own devices to ensure that the experience of our service is the best possible.

Why a Smart Building?

Reduce running costs, and improve efficiency of your building portfolio.

In the end it's all about optimization, buildings are getting more and more expensive to operate and maintain.

Yobiiq provides you with the tools to understand what is happening and alert you when you need to act, to help you reduce running costs and improve the efficiency.

The vast majority of buildings have numerous systems in place to cover indoor climate, security and other building related system; all generating data that is valuable for improving the efficiency.

As these are all independent systems, a building manager will have a hard time interpretating all this data and see the value of it.
By integrating and combining all available data, you can make the data work for you!


Energy Consumption

Understand and alter the energy consumption of your building, making it more cost efficient and environmental friendly. Ensuring and monitoring that building and HVAC services are working effectively and are serviced adequately is an important part of energy consumption..

Workplace Management

Understand how your building is being used.
Monitor the desk and meetingroom occupancy, to notify flexworkers of free office space. Use the occupancy data to plan your cleaning cycles and alter environmentals like lighting, HVAC and sunblinds.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut.

Environmental Conditions

Understand the environmental conditions of your spaces to improve the welbeing of occupants. Use the environmental conditions to turn up the air volume in case of pollution.

Relying on strong partnerships!

Yobiiq delivers turn-key solutions for fast and easy field installations, we also deliver the additional equipment required and the software solutions for device and data management.

In the Smart Buildings sector our work is primarily done through partners, our partners are provided with complete solutions so they can offer their end-client the best solution.

Our offer always consists out of an easy to use solution with high reliability and we offer the flexibility to choose for a complete solution or just the products.

What do we have?

Below are some of the products that can make your building smart.
Do you feel like something is missing? Get in touch with us and we will try to find a solution for your needs!

Electricity Meter

Leakage Sensor

Workplace Sensor

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