Remote connections to your assets across the globe

Simplified remote management

Commission, service and maintain your assets using a highly performing secure VPN connection.

Easy Crosslinks

Connect all your sub-sites utilizing a OSI layer 2 connection. A truly high efficient site-to-site VPN.

Increase response times

Help your customers remotely, increasing the response time and save on travel time and labour costs.

HOOC Gateways

The HOOC Gateways are the central link between your assets and the HOOC Cloud.

Every gateway comes pre-configured and ready to be used within minutes, the built in firewall secures the business network.

Get in touch with us to try out the new HOOC X series gateway within a few days.


HOOC Connect X Gateway

HOOC Connect X

The Connect X is yhr new all-rounder; offering LTE/mobile radio, LoRaWAN, WAN/LAN/WLAN, RS485 for Modbus/RTU and four I/O's. It impressively combines all the functionalities of our new X-Series in one single device. Whatever you need, Connect X will offer you the little extra.

HOOC Connect XM Gateway

HOOC Connect XM

The XM is the ideal gateway for mobile remote access. With its impressive features, it comes quite close to our Connect X. After all, it offers LTE mobile radio, WAN/LAN/WLAN, RS485 for Modbus/RTU and four I/O's. 

Only if you need a LoRaWAN radio connection, you might want to opt for a Connect X or an XF. 

HOOC Connect XH Gateway

HOOC Connect XH

The Connect XH is the down-to-earth version of the Connect X, XM and XF. This means that it will rather leave LTE and LoRaWAN to its counterparts. However, with its WAN/LAN/WLAN, RS485 and four I/O connections, it still offers a pretty impressive range of functionalities.

Get HooC'ed to your new favorite remote access solution.

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