Energy efficiency analysis, Smart energy collection, visualization and monitoring

Smart Energy typically consists out of the data collection of several types of energy, and as such is a bit of a collective word for energy as Electricity, Water, Gas, Heat/Cold delivery.

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Energy costs are rising on a daily basis, and there is a big worldwide drive to lower ecological footprints and reduce CO2 production. Making the monitoring of energy consumption a critical asset for energy users like businesses, cities and housing communities.
Also in new buildings, following new standards energy submetering is becoming mandatory, using traditional ways of metering can become very expensive and labor intensive.

Traditionally energy metering is done by placing wired sub-meters, connected to a stand-alone processing unit and then either connected to a vendor locked-in cloud environment, local database or building management system.

The EnergyIQ solution allows to follow energy consumption and identify places or equipment that are consuming high(er) amounts of energy, by placing IoT sensors. Powered by our IoT Platform, which also facilitates data connections with external systems, it allows you to define reduction targets based on reference consumption and monitor the effect of implementations made to reduce energy and CO2 footprint.

EnergyIQ also allows you to translate your consumption and energy savings into cold hard Euro's and kilogram CO2, in addition by utilizing our Trendz Analyzer you can easily detect anomalies and forecast the utilization of energy consumption.

Smart Grid

Within a Smart Grid, EnergyIQ can be used to identify places expansion of the grid is required. It can also identify where the capacity for expansions can be taken away if the grid is at capacity.

Smart Reductions

Electricity is expensive, when your contract is based on peak usage and you exceed your contractually agreed peak usage the additional costs really hurt.

EnergyIQ can help you make smart decisions to avoid going over the top.

Water leakage

Unnoticed water leakage can lead to a very noticable bill at the end of the month.

EnergyIQ measures the usage and can identify possible leakages and avoid further costs by shutting the water supply.

EnergyIQ Dashboard

Monitoring consumption is the first step in reducing consumption.

Understanding where energy is going is essential when trying to make meaningfull decissions, it's also necessary to measure the impact of actions taken to reduce energy.

  • Define objectives and KPI
  • Follow consumption on dashboards
  • Forecast financial impact

Put the consumption of heating and cooling in perspective

In a typical building, the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) system is the biggest consumer of energy. But the actual energy footprint of it depends on a lot of parameters on the building side (temperature setpoints, heating and cooling system, thermal insulation, level of maintenance, etc.) and local atmospheric conditions.

Both of them change throughout the year, if your building is on the beach boulevard in spain it will have different needs from a HVAC system compared to a building that's in the middle of the city in Netherlands.

By integrating degree days data into your consumption profile you can put the actual energy footprint into perspective.

Technically there a many ends to a mean, the implementation of a suitable device to measure consumption depends, in the first place on the type of energy;

  • Import Net Electricity, Solar Panels, Wind
  • Gas, Oil, Heatpumps, Cooling Plants, City / Grid Heating and Cooling
  • Water, Steam 

The consumption profile will also have an impact of the implementation, when looking at sub-metering the type of consumption and location can be important. But it's also important to know which metering is already in place, and possibilities of making existing devices 'smart'.

So there are different types of sensors, different types of measurement that can be implemented and deployed, our technical experts, and our partners are ready to help you

Let's convert your idea into a successfull solution.

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