Disrupt the traditional building automation sector, and solve the growing shortage of technical mechanics.

There is a real shortage of HVAC people on building sites, a growing focus on reducing costs and a faster turn around time of projects.
All good reasons to start looking into introducing IoT devices into your Building Automation system, this has the following advantages.

  • Reduction of installation costs
  • No need to pull wires and construct cable ways throughout a building

Yobiiq has an extensive portfolio of IoT devices which we have sourced for Building Automation, from a temperature sensor to a watermeter, from a I/O module to a heating meter.

​BacNET integration

The IoT devices leverage LoRaWAN communication and a Low Power design, by taking advantage of a LoRaWAN Gateway the integration into a traditional building automation system is done over BacNET/IP.

Simply scan the LoRaWAN Gateway from the BacNET driver of your building automation system and select the points you want to include.

- WebCTRL Automated Logic

Secure Gateway Server for Automated Logic's WebCTRL

Yobiiq has developed a industrial grade mini PC tailored to running WebCTRL.
WebCTRL is the Webbased control solution for Automated Logic (ALC) building automation systems, by using our Secure Gateway Server the ALC partner / integrator can have their system running securely in minutes.

Secure Gateway Server

We will guide you throughout the entire integration process, contact us to learn how we can improve your bottom line.

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