Our mission is to make all environments smarter .

We believe that every problem can be solved by constantly and structurally searching for the best solution.
If such a solution is not available yet, we develop and build the best solution.

We will conquer the mountains together with our customers.

About Yobiiq

From value added distributor to IoT creators.

Initially founded in 2019 as a Value Added Distributor for Secure Remote Access Solutions, to address increasing demands from Building Owners and HVAC Installers to have a single partner for all their Remote Access requirements who had the technical know-how to guide them throughout the process from design to deployment.

Because of our technical background we received requests to assist our customers with their data acquisition needs.

We started with the distribution of IoT sensors and gateways and the technical implementation of them, but soon feeling stuck because of the lack of functionality in a lot of IoT sensors.

We started the development of IoT hard- and software, resulting in our LoRaWAN Smoke Detector and LoRaWAN Electricity Meter.

We view ourselves as a full service provider for Smart Environments, while it might be unusual for a distributor to develop their own products as well; we do it to have the ability to offer a solution for (almost) every imaginable requirement.

Our team consists out of real technies experienced in embedded hardware and software development, always looking for the best means to an end.
As such we only offer solutions and products which we tested ourselves, enabling us to provide in-depth customer support from the design phase to the maintenance phase.

We know we can do bett​er!

Getting things done

We pride ourselves on thinking about real solutions and bringing them to reality. More then once this means creating technology from scratch to address your challenges.

Agile flexibility

We do more than simply creating a product aimed at a specific use case, we build  products that can be combined into a perfect solution for unique situations.

Disruptive solutions

We are driven by not only collecting but helping you see the true value of data. Your challenge is our next big opportunity to innovate and disrupt IoT.

Yobiiq -Yobi with IQ

A yobibyte (YiB) is a unit of measure used to describe data capacity as part of the binary system of measuring computing and storage capacity.

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