Networks and Communications

We connect and manage all of your devices.

We can connect and manage all of your devices on either LPWAN technologies or Mobile technologies.
As a distributor of HooC we are able to provide secure connections to your onsite equipment, we offer connectivity with flexible data options.

Our Mobile IoT solutions are powered by Tele2 IoT, our data sim cards allow to connect to more the one mobile network per country ensuring that you always get the best available connectivity.

Mobile IoT

Simple and Transparent, Connectivity across Europe.
We offer flexible terms and pricing options.


Helping companies and cities find their way into the Internet of Things.

Yobiiq can provide LoRaWAN as a Infrastructure as a Service solution. 


HOOC is the number Swiss IoT platform for remote access, smart alert, data collect, monitoring and many more. Yobiiq is a value added distributor of HooC.

Network planning, mapping and deployment.

We'll guide you throughout the entire process, from selecting the right technology to ensuring all your devices stay connected.

We are capable of carrying out on-site surveys and remote analysis using professional network planning tools.

When the technology has been selected we will assist you in deploying the network, or have it deployed by on of our partners.

Based on your needs we are able to include the supply of hardware, equipment installation and provisioning of the network. We can provide everything you need for an efficient, secure network.